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Complete Audio, Visual, Automated Stage Lighting & Installation Services

For years, we have been touring the rooms and venues dedicated to events production, making our team experts in the event world. We hold expertise in the realm of live music coverage, management of audio and visual equipment, solutions for lightings for both of the non-profit events as well as the corporate or business sector shows in all over Alberta Canada. Sound Waves Event Ltd. was established back in 2003, and since then it has not reflected any kind of glitch or issues in its services ever since. The reputation of the company and the dazzling smiles on our customers’ faces would speak for our quality of services itself.

We believe that pleasure is a feeling that is transmitted, which is why we put this feeling at the centre of our concerns. Our goal is that you find satisfaction, whatever your budget. It is for this reason that we accompany you throughout the process. Our team does not just deliver audiovisual services, but also have a strong emotional experience. So, whatever your desire or plan regarding your event is, just discuss them with us and we would make your imagination come alive in the blink of an eye, and it is our hearty promise to you!

Audio Production Services

Your voice has to be clear and the mix needs to have body. We mix like we mean it, because we do.  For us it is about the details.  It’s the little things like turning on background music at just the right moment or boosting the microphone volume for your shy presenter.  We work hard to keep your band happy with their monitor mixes and will make sure that the emotions they are conveying through their music are reaching your audience effectively.


Lighting Production Services

Lighting is what leaves the most lasting impression from your event.  It has to be great.  Sound Waves Event will synchronizes moving lighting effects to music.  We utilize colour fades and changes to draw emotion from your crowd and with shutter, gobo and frost effects we contribute to improving your venues atmosphere.

Visual Production Services

You put plenty of effort into your presentation.  It needs to be displayed at the right resolution and large enough to convey your message clearly.  When it comes to visuals our team will work with you to asses the needs of your venue and to ensure that your creation can be seen from every vantage point.

DJ Services

Performance beyond expectation is what you can expect while dancing to the sounds of Sound Waves Event.

With over 25,000 songs to choose from our goal is to entertain your guests while guaranteeing a memorable party experience. Our team of professional entertainers will rock the party all night! The best part is we do not charge overtime!

Installation & Integration

Our sales specialists will consult with you to gain an understanding of your company’s goals and objectives, then create a customized integration solution incorporating the latest in technology to maximize your space, objectives and overall presentation needs.  Once we have developed a solution for you, we can then coordinate the purchase and installation of equipment.

Audiovisual Rentals

Our inventory is always updated and quality control in our warehouses is the key to success. We take pride in our inventory, to offer you the very best audiovisual technology. We offer specialized labor to  set up the equipment, run the show, and tear down. Allow our team to take the worry away from audio visual services.



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