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Audio is one of those services you often don't notice when it's done right, but when it's done wrong, you certainly notice!

Audio Production Services

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Having vast expertise in audio production service in Edmonton and Calgary, we understand how crucial it is to perfectly deliver a crystal-clear voice and mix during an event. There would not be any problem even if your presenter has a small voice or is shy, just turning up the volume of the microphone will just do the job. Moreover,  Sound Waves Event  knows  how to mix and bring life to a show, so, there is nothing you have to worry about.

Our Approach:

Your voice has to be clear and the mix needs to have body. We mix like we mean it, because we do.  For us it is about the details.  It’s the little things like turning on background music at just the right moment or boosting the microphone volume for your shy presenter.  We work hard to keep your band happy with their monitor mixes and will make sure that the emotions they are conveying through their music are reaching your audience effectively.

Equipment & Reliability:

The equipment we use are all of the high quality and reliable in providing with the best show ever. Our systems and equipment are accurately taken care of and thus are relied upon to deliver a high performance on the spot. You would not face any glitch and we guarantee it confidently. Moreover, our experienced and proficient team members have the capability of keeping everything under control; and trusting them in doing their job is all you are expected to do. Do not worry; we will cover it all for you.

Our Audio Equipment List 

Line Arrays
Digital Mixing Consoles
Analogue Mixing Consoles
In-Ear Monitors
Microphones - Wired
Microphones- Wireless


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