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Vibration Isolation



Vibration Isolation Through Best-In-Class Mason Vibration Control Solutions


Control negative impact from mechanical sources in the built environment through sound-blocking and restraint. Vibration Isolation solves the problem of undesirable noise and vibration that could result in risk to building owners and complaints from end users.



Sound Waves Event is Canada’s Seismic Restraint Specialist


From an Engineering perspective, we calculate the higher level seismic anchorage requirements associated with isolated, floating systems. With critical building component (ie: Emergency Generator and Power Transformer) Suppliers and O.E.M.s, we not only calculate in-house the anchorage to meet or exceed Post Disaster Seismic Code requirements but also send out the base equipment data and our calculations to an Independent Structural Engineer who specializes in Seismic Restraint of Operational and Function building Components (OFCs) for his review and certification under seal. In most cases, we will run our calculations based on an earlier, more conservative code while the Independent Engineer runs the calcs on the most current code. This provides an important cross-check for us, the Independent Engineer and the Building Owner and Occupants.


The list below outlines the main categories of vibration isolation products that we offer. To view more product details click the button Learn More.


Building Isolation, Floating Floors, Floating Walls, Acoustical Ceiling Isolation



Spring Mounts 

Vibration Isolation and Seismic Restraint for Floor Mounted Equipment



Neoprene Mounts & Pads 

Vibration Isolation Seismic Restraint for Floor and Wall Mounted Equipment



 Isolation Hangers 

Vibration Isolation for Ceiling Suspended Equipment and Systems (Piping, Ductwork)



Seismically Rated Concrete Anchors for Securing Isolators to the Structure


Bases, Rails & Curbs 

Used under Floor Mounted Equipment to Increase Vibration Isolation Efficiency and to Stiffen Equipment Support Points.


Elastomeric Connectors 

Noise & Vibration Isolation Control and Expansion Compensation for Piping

Stainless Steel Hose & Expansion Joints

Noise, Vibration, Expansion and Offset Motion Control for Piping


Ball Joints 

Used to Accommodate Expansion and Offset Motion in piping, particularly in High Pressure Steam Piping Applications